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Keratin Lounge is an extension of Lasio Professional Hair Care. Our Founder and CEO knew she had to create a home where her life changing keratin treatments would be performed by top stylists, who understand the root and functions to the formulations. When you choose Keratin Lounge, you are choosing quality products and service. You are choosing to put you first and in the best care for your hair needs.

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Lasio Keratin Treatments produce a lightweight finish while also hydrating, repairing, and protecting hair strands. Our keratin treatments deposit keratin, along with gentle conditioners, into the hair cuticles which are then sealed to lock in moisture and produce a natural shine.

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Prices of treatments vary depending on length, density, and duration of service. Price will be discussed during your consultation. Each appointment begins with a consultation. Only a LASIO Certified Keratin Specialist can determine which treatment will best suit your individual hair needs. This can only be discussed in person. Pricing provided over the phone is not guaranteed.

Nadine Ramos Lasio, Inc. CEO


LASIO Professional Hair Care is the brainchild of Nadine Ramos (Founder & CEO), who, after seeing a Brazilian Treatment performed by a platform stylist, knew there had to be a better and more efficient way to ensure silky, smooth results.

Hailing from New York’s Lower East side, Nadine grew LASIO from a small business to a globally-distributed brand.  Now, not only do LASIO Keratin treatments meet U.S. standards, but they are also widely celebrated as the first and only water-based Keratin Treatment in the category.