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Raise your hands if before the ball dropped to ring in 2017, or even just a little after, you sat down and wrote out your resolutions for the new year. I can probably read some of your minds saying, "I don't do that stuff," or "I don't believe in resolutions because after the second day in January it's a long gone thought." Let's reverse that notion by starting with the little steps and the little motivations.

Many times, resolutions involve topics such as feeling good (i.e., weightloss), finances, fun, family, etc., but we tend to leave out the little things. The little motivating factors that will help to achieve the bigger goals. For example, in 2017 you may want to get to your ideal weight. So that involves eating right and going to the gym, correct? Or let's say your goal is to get a promotion, start a business, find that special someone, or to get that new hot convertible, but what are the smaller steps to that. Yes actually applying for the position, taking steps to start that business, dating, or saving for the car, but let's get a little deeper and even simpler.

You have to give yourself small bits of encouragement on a daily basis. Empower yourself a little bit every day. Take some time out to take care of yourself, look the part, think the part, be the part. How we look plays a big part in how we feel. Amazing hair days, call for the face to match, and the look to complete the feeling. Start from the crown down.

  • Take time to do your hair. Enough with the ponytails and buns. Let's make that your first resolution. Your hair is your crown. Great hair days shouldn't come once in a blue moon great hair days should be everyday...ok fine, let's settle for 95% of the days. Brighten your color, keep your roots touched up, and repair damaged hair. There are great deep conditioners, keratin treatments, and products that can help you achieve healthy hair.
  • Once your hair looks good, you won't skip out on your face. Take some time to put on some makeup. Or if you're a makeup-free natural type of lady let your skin be your makeup. Take time to exfoliate and moisturize so that you'll always have that natural glow.
  • Complete the look. Take pride in the outfits you wear, even if you're not at your ideal weight. Start encouraging yourself to get there by appreciating the you that you are right now. The more pride you take in yourself and how you look the more encouraged and mindful you'll be to start eating right and hitting the gym.

So, don't give up on setting resolutions and goals. Put the actual YOU in your resolution. Start with YOU. Start taking pride in YOU. It's the little things that make us want to climb mountains.

Let's chat! Drop your resolutions in the comments below. Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram of you looking and feeling good and taking pride from your crown down! Let's encourage and empower each other.

Until next time. Stay beautiful from the inside out!

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